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The Walt Tour

Quick Details

Please call us about this very special tour. This is usually done as a private tour but if you have at least 3 in your party, we can open up the availability!

Person Ages 12+

See and Experience the Life of Walt Disney!

Southern California was home to Walter Elias Disney for over 40 years. From Los Feliz to Griffith Park, from Burbank to his final resting spot in Glendale, The Walt Tour takes you and a small number of guests (up to 7) to the places he worked, lived and enjoyed with his family, friends and co-workers.

From his homes to his first studio in his Uncle Robert’s barn to his first store front (Disney Brothers Studio), enjoy the complete experience following the life of Walt around Southern California. You even eat lunch at Walt’s favorite restaurant — the Tam O’Shanter, where there is still a table with a plaque where he ate lunch almost every day.