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Refunds and Exchanges

Cancellations:  All orders can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance of tour date with a $20 cancellation fee per guest. This fee is to cover the time it took to set up & also refund your tour.  If it’s possible to switch a date or book a different tour, please do so. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your request and it’s always best to do that via e-mail to

Bookings cancelled within 48 hours will be refunded half of the purchase price.  For as much as we would like to do a full refund, we cannot as we have a driver and vehicle scheduled for you and have, in most cases, turned others away.

We’re really counting on you just the same way you are counting on us.

For Universal Studios tours, Warner Bros. Tours & other theme parks:   Be sure to bring along some legal form of identification as many times this is required for each adult passenger.

Weird and Unusual:  Our vehicles are new or close to new (although our Beach Tour Buses are NOT what we would call “new” by any stretch of the imagination – they are FUN!)…  We do what we can to keep them clean and well taken care of – looking and smelling great!

IF someone in your party is physically ill on a tour, we incur expenses to clean and disinfect the vehicle due to sickness in the interior.  It’s REALLY important that, if someone feels sick, you let your driver know.  It’s not fair to others on the tour (even a private tour) or guests who come after to have the remnants of the odor of sickness.  The cost to have our vehicle disinfected and the smell removed is $175.00 minimum so, please help us to help you avoid those charges.  We’ll delay tours and extend tour times or even call another vehicle to take you and your guest who is not feeling well home.  DON’T throw up in our vehicles… we don’t want the job of cleaning up or having a professional do it… and we don’t want to charge you money.  That only makes people unhappy (both the money and the illness…)

For each incidence of sickness OR vandalism OR rip or tear of our seats, carpet or other interior items, the minimum fee is $175 so, treat your tour vehicle like it was your own (unless you’re a teenager… in that case, treat it like your mom wants you to treat it!)

Special Note: You are our guest and we never want to charge you for something you didn’t get a chance to do so, if your plans change, we can hold your tour date for up to a year at no additional charge. Waiving any fees or cancellation charges is at the discretion of the Anaheim Visitor Center and we will do all we can to not penalize our guests for changes in plans that are out of their control. There are costs that we incur for each booking that we cannot refund.

Shipping: Our system sends vouchers, via e-mail, to the address within the account you set up.  If the booking is within 48 hours you may not be able to book so please call our office at 714-817-9733 to let us know you’d like to make a booking so it doesn’t fall through the cracks. Sometimes, we will deliver the voucher to the hotel, especially for last minute bookings.